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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No - it does nothing but add a MeshCollider or PolygonCollider2D.
Be sure to use the outline vertex countparameter of the AlphaMeshCollider to optimize the vertex count according to your shape - the fewer vertices, the better.
Yes - 2D ColliderGen supports precomputing colliders for Unity Sprite Animations which are switched active accordingly. If you can't precompute them, please visit the Runtime Collider Generation documentation page for details.
It's now under Component - 2D ColliderGen.
Yes - just attach an AlphaMeshCollider to your object.
Then by default, the main texture of the object is used. If your GameObject has no texture attached, or in case of a texture atlas, you may need to set the Advanced Settings - Custom Texture parameter to provide the desired texture. Please visit this documentation page for further info.
a) Switch the AlphaMeshCollider output collider type to PolygonCollider2D.
b) Enable "force convex" at the AlphaMeshCollider and tick "convex" at the MeshCollider component, then the front and back caps are added automatically.
We are sorry to say that we don't offer a solution for concave MeshCollider caps.
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