2D ColliderGen Update 1.2 available

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Apart from several bugfixes and other new features, we are happy to announce that 2D ColliderGen now supports Unlimited Collider Island and –Hole Regions within a single texture image.

Changes with Version 1.2

New Features:
– Added support for unlimited collider-island and –hole
regions within a single texture image. Islands and holes
can be enabled and configured via a new
‘Holes and Islands’ section.

– Added support for OTTilesSprite. Simply add an
AlphaMeshCollider to a GameObject with an OTTilesSprite
component to generate colliders for it.

– Added a “Custom Texture Region” section to the
AlphaMeshCollider parameters where you can specify a
custom region to be used for collider computations
(e.g. to use a custom frame from a texture atlas or

– SmoothMoves related:
Collider scale was wrong when setting a custom image at a
generic object (e.g. a plain quad) which had no
SmoothMoves or Orthello sprite attached.

Colliders attached to SmoothMoves BoneAnimation
sprites can now scale along with it. Added an
AlphaMeshCollider toggle parameter
“SmoothMoves Scale Anim” to enable this behaviour.

– 2D Toolkit related:
Changed the location of the ColliderGenTK2DParameterStore
code file from Editor to Scripts directory. This prevents
a problem that occurred with later versions of the Mono
Compiler. Unfortunately, all ColliderGenParameters.prefab
files that stored parameters for convenience of each
sprite in a collection are no longer compatible and will
be treated as non-existent.